Look: Featured exhibits at UP Vargas Museum

I have been wanting to bring my wife and daughter in the University of the Philippine’s Vargas Museum. I know that although it is smaller compare to other popular galleries in the metro, the museum houses a rich collection of works from great visual artists like Vicente Manansala and Cesar Legazpi. From time to time, the museum also features modern artists and their wonderful contribution in arts and culture. Last weekend, it finally happened, we were bored doing nothing in the house so we just decided to load our afternoon with art inspirations.


It was both exciting and intriguing! The exhibit of Karl Castro, The Social Fabric, is a display of ingenuity, culture, and technology. The first three pieces you will see in the gallery are taking pride of women and their strong, delicate position in our society. And then there are other four pieces that will confront of you at first and then slowly, very slowly will attract you to have a second look and more; you will drawn into it, even at least on the craftsmanship shown on the pieces. You can still catch the exhibit until this Friday, November 25, 2016.




We enjoyed our trip in the museum plus the usual vibe of the university. We are actually looking forward spending another afternoon in Jose V. Vargas Museum.





For inquiries about the museum and their events, visit :



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