Revisiting Museo Pambata: It’s a celebration!

Trying to veer away from the craze over the more popular museums and kid centers nowadays, we decided to bring our daughter at the Museo Pambata in Roxas Boulevard, Manila for her 5th birthday. And we never regret it, because the museum had kept its promise to offer fun and learning experiences for kids and kids at heart. Yes, visiting Museo Pambata, for the first time or not, is more than walking along galleries of art pieces – it is always a celebration.

We visited about eight galleries; each features exciting stuff for children. Plus, it is very interactive. Kids can try out many things and play different roles — all that they can imagine. Today, I would like to give you a quick look on what to see and expect in this all-time kid’s zone favorite.

Ecosystem Tour

This is the time that we need do more for our environment, that’s why the Kalikasan Gallery is a must-visit for your kids. There is a simulated rainforest, ricefield, and marine ecosystem where your kids will surely learn more about the country’s biodiversity. And don’t forget to visit the outdoor herb garden where you will learn a lot about the medicinal properties of some plants in our country.


Old Manila

The first room that will welcome you in the museum is the old Manila Gallery where you can ride in a tranvia, board on a Spanish galleon, visit an old Manila house and pray in a miniature cathedral. Plus, you can try out some clothes that our great grandparents used to wear.


Children in the Global Village

And then, there’s the gallery where you can have a glimpse on the lives of the children around the world. See how they look through hundreds of dolls donning national costumes of different countries. You can also try out some toys and musical instruments that other kids are playing in other countries. The kids will also learn to value their rights through the Karapatan Hall.


When I grow up…

Kids always want to play pretend games, acting like doctors, firemen, or just anything. In the career option gallery, kids will learn different possibilities that they can dream on. And right next to this gallery is the Market Place where kids can simulate scenes in the market and practice their budgeting skills.

I love my body

Imagine being inside your body, seeing how each part functions harmoniously with each other. That’s what you are going to experience inside the I Love My Body gallery. One of the main features of this gallery is the wall climbing area; kids will definitely have fun testing out their stretch and strength.


The call of our time: Love our planet!

 After appreciating some beautiful ecosystems in the country, there comes another gallery that features way on how we can protect our planet and do some things to help address the impact of climate change. Sounds hard, no. because the discussions are really designed for kids to easily understand.

Children’s Library

Inspire your kids to love reading books! The children’s library inside the museum is extra ordinary; it houses a lot of our Adarna books and other selections. To fully enjoy the experience, try to catch the museum’s storytelling sessions and inspire your kid’s imagination.


Museo Pambata is located at Roxas Boulevard and just walking distance from Rizal Park. It is open every Tuesday to Sunday. Admission is Php 250.00 but discount is available for Manila residents.



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