BACK THEN: Inside the UN Headquarters in NY


One of the most important travels I had in the past years was in 2009 when I attended the Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations of the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, Inc. Not only that I had the chance to meet young leaders of the world, but I also had the opportunity, together with the other delegates, to visit some of the informative galleries and conference rooms inside the UN Headquarters in New York, USA.

Well, I must have been just very lucky during that time, I know that not many people are given the chance to go there and more so participate in international dialogues on youth development and actions. Seven years after, I would like to a few photos that I had for that travel — these somehow will give you some hints on what to see and expect in one of the most important buildings in the world. Oops, it has been seven years and most probably many things must have changed already.


Thank again to Children International and Children International Manila for this wonderful opportunity; I will always remember this and the inspiration that I got from the presenters and other delegates.

In this conference, I met Hou Bin, Paralympics Gold Medalist from China. His story speaks about being determined to overcome obstacles in life and turning downfall to an opportunity to rise up again and tell the world how strong you can be. I will always remember what he said during the conference, ““Happiness originates from love. If you want, you can find someone who needs you”







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