Quick look: Cayucyucan Beach in Camarines Norte

If Camarines Norte is not included in your list of summer destinations, think again. There is more to this Bicol landmark than the white beach of Calaguas Island. After you spent a day or two in Calaguas, hold your ticket first and find your way to Cayucyucan Beach in Mercedes.

Forget that the beach is not white, stay there until 11:00 in the morning or until the tide goes down and the offshore bars reveal themselves. The view is quite fascinating facing the mountain ranges on the right side of the beach front.

Here’s a quick look on this – unassuming and quite beautiful — beach in Camarines Norte.






HOW TO GET THERE? From Daet Town proper, it is highly advisable to hire tricycle or motorbike to Mercedes port, fare is around Php 100.00 to 150.00 good for 2-4 people. Then, from Mercedes port, take the short boat ride to Cayucyucan, fare is only Php 4.00 per head. From the port, take again another tricycle ride to Palm Farm Beach Resort or any nearby resort in Cayucyucan Beach.

REMINDER: There’s no restaurant in the area, so don’t forget to bring your food for lunch and dinner, otherwise, you will end up having biscuits and instant noodles.




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