When in Davao, Skycycle and say cheese!


Add more fun and action in your trip to Davao City by trying the adventure rides at Eden Nature Park and Resort, highly recommended is the Skycylce. Climbing your way to the platform where the bikes are parked is already a challenge especially if height is not your best friend.  Standing at the platform, you can already have a good view of the city — that should give you some more boost to try a new adventure of your life — biking on top of a cable that is 60 feet above the ground.

You should have a quick sensing of your balance; feel the moment, look around from the ground to the sky until you set in the mood and realize that you are actually having a cool adventure. Your first ride might be chilly, but the next, as you return back to the first platform, I guarantee you will be having an easier (perhaps, more exciting) ride. Just don’t forget to leave your camera to the attendants; I think they have also perfected this part. So keep calm, skycycle and say cheese!


Complete your adventure by also trying the zip line or the skyswing. Eden Nature Park and Resort is located at Mount Tolomo in Toril District, which is just about 30 to 45 minutes from the downtown. As of March 2016, skycyling plus the zip line is only Php 300.00 not really bad for a very good adventure.




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