Thanks to Miss Universe 2016 Pia Wurzbach for popularizing the now iconic phrase “confidently beautiful with a heart”. People are now trying to connect almost every good thing they do with the “a heart!” Well, our full respect and admiration for Pia for making us all proud. Now, speaking of things with a heart, I am excited to present to you some travel essentials that are not only good for your skin but also for our environment. Thanks to Human Heart Nature for these wonderful products full of hearts!


As noted in the 2016 product catalogue of Human Heart Nature, this is the first Philippine-made reef friendly sunscreen. Amazing.  And on top of that, it is 100% natural. So you are not just protecting your skin from UV rays that may cause sun burn and skin-aging, but you are also doing good deed for our marine biodiversity. Now, that is exactly being confidently beautiful with a heart.


And there is Safe Protect Products for kids.



And speaking of protecting our kids, here come another product that should be in your travel kit especially when you like the outdoor; it is good for you and your kid. The Bug Shield is also 100% natural. It contains citronella, eucalyptus, and soybean oils that effectively repel mosquitos. Have a worry-free play time in the garden or in the woods with this environment-friendly mosquito repellent.



Summer activities might give you some bumps along the way, and so once in a while you will need some energizers for your senses – you know what I am saying; minty balm is an all-time partner of a traveller. Human Nature Soothing Balm is actually your best friend. After a long walk by the beach or a tiring trek in a hill, the next best thing you would like to do is to have a whiff of refreshing aroma and senses of eucalyptus and bergamot. For just Php 99.75 you will have a best friend in your pocket.



Every travel requires you to exercise your muscle and burn some energy – depending on your adventure – perspiring at some point might be intense. To help you prevent odor-causing bacteria in your underarm during your active days in the travel, try to use the ALL NATURAL DEODORANT STICK of Human Heart Nature. The stick will give you more than what you are looking for in a deodorant; instant dry formula, prevent darkening of underarms, no stains and steaks on your shirt, non-sticky after-feel, and many others. Plus again, it is 100% natural.



It is not just your feet that have a lot of hard works in your travel; your hands are also into it, without you knowing that at certain time it has already accumulated germs from coins, hand grills, and many other items, so it is just necessary to always wash it. For extra protection, use ALL-NATURAL SANITIZER from Human Nature. Comes in three variants for your preference: cool burst, citrus burst, and floral burst. My personal pick is the COOL BURST. Keep your hands germs-free for only Php 59.75 (50 ml).



At the end of the day, you will have to clean and pamper your face, so a good facial wash is necessary for every travel. For this, I recommend the Human Nature’s BALANCING FACIAL WASH.


If you are interested to try these products, you may reply to this post with your contact details and we will be very glad to place your orders. Traveling is very rewarding and it can be more than that if you use products, like from Human Heart Nature Philippines, that don’t leave bad traces and souvenirs for the places you visit.

All photos on this post were taken from the website of Human Heart Nature Philippines.


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