A takeoff to forever: My wedding proposal

The story of my wedding proposal. The plan was simple. In the morning of June 7, 2015, we will visit the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City for our usual Sunday family bonding. We will settle for a few minutes in a space near the lake — then I will leave them for a while because I will have to go to the restroom.


While in the restroom, I will change my clothes and meet my accomplices: the photographer and my friend Rico. Rico will ask people to give Grace some white roses.



With all the roses, Grace and Ezra will head to the Grotto where she will see her best friends, JM and Demy.


They will lead Grace and Ezra to the gazebo, where the biggest surprise (that’s me) is standing. Clad with nice black ensemble of polo and pants, I will give her roses, show to her some posters with dedications, and yes, I will kneel down to both of them and ask if they can spend the rest of our lives together. In the end, smiling or crying, she will say yes – and then we will kiss.


All of these, yes all of these happened the way it was planned.

06 07


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