7 things you need to know about Cambodia before going there

B11.The country is generally very hot

Cambodia is a sundrenched country; it is very hot especially in the day from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm and sometimes up until 4:00 pm. No wonder that night market in Cambodia is thriving; it is more convenient for tourists to walk around the city and the market area in the evening when the weather is much cooler. It is a must that you bring items that can help you survive the scorching heat of the sun and the strong humidity around like shades, hats and fans.

2. Travel light from what you wear to what you eat

Given the weather, it is best that you always wear light clothes. You can actually wear sandos, sleeveless and pair of shorts in Angkor Wat, although it is best that you bring extra clothes when visiting some sacred temples around the Angkor. And also, even though food and drinks are something that also completes your travel, I would still suggest that you do it in moderation because you will be walking for the most of your tour and you do not want to do it with heavy stomach.

3. Bring a lot of drinking water (bottled)

But if there were something that you have to have in big amount that would be — drinking water. Tap water in Cambodia is not always safe for drinking so don’t dare engulf some. I would advice that you buy bottled water in convenient stores and not in the restaurant or in the hotel, there you can really save a lot and spend all your savings in buying souvenir items.

4. Only few Cambodian speak English

Just have more patience and you would probably get there to where you are talking.

5. Their coffee is really strong

Even if you like really strong coffee, I think no one beats the punch of their awakener. Unless you want to be awake for three days, you better request for more water and additional servings of milk or creamer.

6. Visit Angkor Wat in the afternoon

Many people will tell you that the best time to visit Angkor Wat is in the morning in catching the sunrise. Although it is really a breathtaking view showcasing the silhouette of the temple, I would still agree to what our guide has recommended, to visit it in the afternoon when it is not facing against the sunlight, from there you can see the delicate details of its walls even from afar.

7. The best place to buy souvenir items

For some safe keeps and little things, head to Phnom Penh central market, you can really get good deals for your money. If you are just staying in Siem Reap, for scarf and table runners, you can get them really cheap just outside Angkor Thom.



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