10 reasons why I love working in 2013

I have read somewhere that it is a good habit to look at the positive things in your work. No matter how hard the situation may be, it will always come with something special and inspiring. I did it for myself and felt happy about the result. So I am sharing with you some reasons why 2013 had been a wonderful year for me in terms of getting a job done, either dressing up for a meeting or rolling up my sleeves for some dirty works in the field.


1. TRAVEL. Many people love to travel but sometimes our works demand us to be on our table for a whole day or a week that we can only move from our home to the office. Lucky me, my work come with a passport to many places in the country. Although much of the travel is to monitor projects, there will always be a day or even just a few hours that I can spend for myself doing some guilty pleasures. In 2013, I’ve been to a number of exciting places like in Cebu, Eastern Samar, Baguio, Pagadian, Zamboanga City and Tawi-tawi. Yes, I may be working on that visits but hey, imagine doing reports in a romantic beach view in Samar or a business meeting in the inviting weather of Baguio, oh dear, I just love it.

2. DELICIOUS TREATS. Traveling is one thing, but I know that you will agree that delightful treats make it even more memorable. Who will forget ‘sutukil’ experience in Cebu, Pampanga’s delicacies in Subic, and humble pastries in Tawi-tawi?

3. THRILLS. For sure, my work is not just brain draining but it is also physically exhausting, all in a good way. In 2013, I had a short hike in Bud-bongal in Tawi-tawi, very challenging for a lousy and quite a lazy person like me but definitely rewarding specially when you get to top and you will have a wonderful view of the islands of Tawi-tawi. Then I also tried diving, not really good at it but I still enjoyed it specially seeing how actually beautiful sea urchins are.


4. WILD ENCOUNTERS. Not the one that you are thinking, wild as in wildlife. Last year, I had to jump over snakes, play with monkeys, and swim with various life forms under the sea like anemones. It was also my first time to see big crown of thorns, they are a bit scary; I never wanted to touch them. But seeing animals and plants in their natural habitat is like national geographic comes to life.

5. RARE ENCOUNTERS. Not everyone got to sit-down and talk to an award-winning national geographic writer, so when I had that rare encounter, I put that camera on and shared the moment on Facebook. Aside from Bryan Christy of NatGeo, last 2013 I also met other exciting personalities like the outgoing US Ambassador to the Philippines Harry K. Thomas, Jr., DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman, DILG Secretary Mar Roxas (If I need to mention), and Illac Diaz, the one who is popular for his works in renewal energy and eco-friendly structures. Last April, I also attended the Supreme Court’s oral argument on mining and that was the first time I saw the chief justices in the country led by CJ Sereno.

But if there is one encounter that will really stay with me forever is when I get to stay for a night in the community of Matigsalug in the mountains of Bukidnon. Well, you can read related article on my blog about this experience.


6. OVERFLOWING COFFEE. This is very simple but I really love that I can have coffee in the office anytime I want.

7. LONG TABLE. Another simple delight in the office, I get to work in a very long table. Do I need to explain?

8. FREE HOTEL ACCOMMODATION. Although it sounds easy for others to afford hotel accommodation every time they want a change of view, well not for me definitely. That’s why this perks in my work I totally loved it! In 2013, I enjoyed some wonderful evenings staying at the comfort of some of the well-rated hotels in Metro Manila like in Legend Villas and Hyatt Regency Hotel. And did I mention that I had my birthday lunch in Sofitel Philippine Plaza?

9109. WORKING WITH THE EXPERTS. I call them the empire of the ‘logist’, marine biologist, climatologist, meteorologist and geologist. The ones who had dedicated their lives understanding the world for us, while we are busy listening to the new music of Beyonce and watching the latest Star Cinema movie. Lucky me again, I got to work with them. I got to see the challenges that they have to go through in understanding, discovering and explaining phenomenon that are essential to our existence.

10. ONCE-IN-A-LIFE-TIME OPPORTUNITY. Two weeks after Typhoon Yolanda, we came to visit some of the impacted communities from Ormoc to Guiuan. Listening to the stories of survival and heroism of people amidst the great devastation of a Super Typhoon is really something that will touch your spirit and will move you to do something and offer help. This something I will be willing to do again and again BUT I wish I would never have to do it again in the future. I pray that super typhoons and other similar natural phenomena that wreck havoc to people will stay away from human settlements.

There you have it, things that I appreciated so much in my work. I encourage you to do the same, list down things that brighten up your day in the office, things that help you keep going to finish a report or a presentation. Sometimes, it is not just about how bad it is but how bad we look at it. Being positive even in small things is a big thing.



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