Here are some of my favorite photos taken in my four-day visit in Tawi-tawi.

If I am going to ask my friends to write top places in the country that they would love to visit, chances are, none of them will take note of this beautiful province settling at the edge down south. But not after I told them how fantastic Tawi-tawi is. This province has been profusely offering festive surprises to the most courageous travelers in the land.

Tawi-tawi is a land of diverse culture and faith but they are able to embrace that and develop ways to be one with each other. From its people, to the food they eat, the coffee, the ocean, the school and everything in between, is a unique experience that our country should really be proud of.


Bud Bongao is probably one of the most unique landscapes in the country. The popular saying goes is that you’ve never been in Tawi-tawi if you have not set your feet on the peaks of this marvelous mountain. The trek is not really long, however, it can be very challenging especially to people who are not involved in any and many physical activities because the climb will really requires you to move your limbs, and stretch your feet and arms through rocks and big roots.


For these children, the terrain is just part of their playing field.


Still-life in Tawi-tawi is usually set in the water. Trade and movements are very much connected to the sea.


They told me that we are going to Starbucks; of course I didn’t believe them. But the experience was equally rewarding. In a Kadday (cafeteria / restaurant) where we ate, they offer tasty rice cakes and other pastries on their very own version. You don’t have to place your order; they will serve you everything that they can offer. Every customer will get a tray where there are enough pieces of their specialties. You will only pay whatever you have consumed.


Streets in Tawi-tawi are always transected by colorful tricycles.


Yes, beaches in Tawi-tawi are definitely one of the best in the country. You can actually choose if you want to swim in beaches facing the Celebes Sea or the West Philippine Sea – or you can have both.

These two particular photos are images of Badjao children who were collecting shells in the shallow seagrass area in the bay near the Mindanao State University’s College of Fisheries.





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